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Australian & International Credit Insurance

Australian TRADE CREDIT INSURANCE is less expensive and more FLEXIBLE THAN EVER BEFORE.

Benefits include:

  • Sales expansion with security.
  • Protection of your Trade Debtors, the company's life blood - its Cash Flow. 
  • Reinforcing credit control.
  • Access to a team of experts, with the widest and most up to date information on your trade debtors.
  • Bank security - your policy has real value, as a virtual guarantee of the debtor asset. Collateral provided by a policy improves borrowing flexibility.
  • Prompt payment of 80% - 95% of insured loss within 30 days of debt "confirmation" following insolvency.

The principal types of credit insurance are:

  • Whole of Turnover - all accounts over a certain level are offered. This policy may allow mutually agreed exclusions, after negotiation with the Insurers.
  • Selected Debtor Insurance - you allocate specific accounts to be insured. Usually, up to 30 accounts can be covered in this manner. In the present climate 'speed' and quality' are critical.
  • Catastrophe Insurance - you select the level at which credit insurance is required. For example, a company might feel they can live with $100,000 worth of bad debts each year, and cumulative bad debts adding up to that level are not insured. However, once bad debts reach the agreed figure, further losses are indemnified to an agreed % - usually 90%

Cost varies depending on items such as Insured Sales volume, debtors to be insured, Loss History, and the type of policy require. In 2009 conditions are tougher, so it is difficult to 'select' risks.

By blending DMS Group's credit reporting and collections expertise closely with the skills of your specialist credit insurance broker, you will manage your Australian &/or Export Debtors risk securely under carefully structured cover.

To obtain a Quote, or find out more about credit insurance, please download the spreadsheet below, save it to your desk top, then fill in the details and email the form to us at

Trade Credit Insurance Proposal

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