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DMS Reports

Principal Australian Reports - many equivalent reports are available overseas.


Freshly Investigated reports (on companies): -

# (a) Analytical (or local equivalent 'in depth' Company reports, such as Status, Company Credit, Due Diligence, Forensic or Investigated) Reports: - typically, this comprehensive credit report contains publicly available data such as: -

  • Registry Check (Extract),web site search, recent newspaper articles, and an adverse information check;
  • Activities & Operations, Ownership & Management
  • also, an in-depth interview with company management (if subject cooperates), financial analysis (if data available), trade reference survey (if normal practice locally), and a risk rating;

Three speeds of service are available in most countries.

N.B. 'File reports', in depth reports prepared some time previously, are available on more than 100,000 Australian & NZ companies and 20m+ from 200+ countries internationally - typically available same day.

# DMS Special Investigations and Reports - widely recognised as the bench mark of quality Australian 'investigative' company research, ours represent "excellent value for money", amongst the best predictive credit reporting resources available. Used to undertake:

  • Due Diligence
  • Potential Acquisition (or Sale - check the Purchaser)
  • Competitor
  • 3rd Party
  • New Distributor or Agent, or J.V. checks
  • Forensic research for Accountants & Lawyers worldwide.

Depending on the Brief given, typical delivery is 7-14 days at Normal Speed.

# Confidential Investigations - at your request confidential research can be undertaken, with data held subsequently in a secure database, the results never being available to third parties.

# Trade Reports (overseas may be called 'Basic', 'Short form', or 'Credit')- typically, this report includes a Company Search (or its' equivalent), an Adverse Check, and Trade Reference check (if available locally). Also, includes a summary of the business structure, corporate activities, number of employees, bankers, associate and subsidiary companies, trading addresses, number of branches and locations.

Typical delivery at "Ordinary" speed 4-6 business days (may be more or less in some countries).

Database Research on Companies (Registry & other database sources): -

# Company & Business Name Searches (Extracts, or Registry Checks) - a print out of statutory information held in the current Australian Securities and Investment Commission or Department of Fair Trading files (or equivalent Agency locally), detailing Owners or Directors, Shareholders, Paid Capital, Date of Incorporation (or Commencement), Registered Charges. Not all data is available from all countries. Typically available 1 - 4 days, depending on the country.

# Financials - Full annual reports are available on all Australian and most New Zealand public companies, as well as many Australian State and Federal Government Agencies. However, less than 10% of Australian and fewer than 5% of New Zealand, privately owned companies lodge Financials. In some countries (e.g. UK) 100% of companies are required to lodge, yet in others none do. When available, typical delivery speeds range from 1 to 4 days.

# Directorship Searches (Personal Extracts) - a search of an individual's Directorships or Shareholdings, including details of any past involvement in companies. However, not available in all countries. Typically 1-3 days delivery.

# Adverse (& other quick credit) Checks - available on companies' or individuals' commercial files. In Australia records show adverse information such as writs, defaults, summonses, etc. and who else has been checking the entity. Offered in 60 countries, with more or less data depending on local regulations. Typically same day service, but may be 2-3 days in some countries.

# Property, Title, Land & Mortgage Searches - a variety of different searches are possible in Australia, and more than 70 other jurisdictions; available on both commercial entities and individuals. Typical Australian delivery 1-3 days, depending on State or Territory searched. May be 6-10 in some countries.

# Docimage (Lodged Documents) - searches of documents lodged within the current Australian Securities and Investment Commission (or local equivalent) database, including (in many countries) financial data, registered charges, Incorporation Certificates, Appointed Official, etc. Typical delivery 1-5 days, depending on the jurisdiction involved.

# Company/Business (Risk) Score, or local equivalent - excellent predictive reports, risk modelling through clever algorithm. High success in predicting companies likely to experience "stress" - to ensure all data is as current as possible, please upgrade to MultiPower. Content varies from country to country. Typically available 1-2 days.

Other Company Research Services: -

# Early Warning Report (Australia only) - this weekly report lists Australian companies against whom a 'Wind Up' notice has been lodged, warning someone is seeking recovery of monies owing, and may be prepared to wind them up (if not paid). In Excel format, for ease of "customer matching" in your debtors Ledger - eliminates the hard work.

# Search Adverse & Trade Reference Reports (Australia & NZ only) - an ASIC Company Search plus adverse check from DMS Suppliers' records and various databases. A check of major trade credit suppliers. The amount of credit provided, the terms of payment, length of time the account has been held, and general comments about the account are recorded. DMS endeavour to check at least 3 current/updated trade references with data presented in a form that will comply with most Credit Insurers' requirements. Typical delivery 2-4 days, depending upon referee response time.

# Credit Application Form (& Trade Reference) Reports: - similar to the Search Adverse and Trade, except you the client supply the trade references, which are checked by our analysts. DMS will check 3 references as standard. The information provided is the same as the Search Adverse & Trade Reference Report, with similar delivery time.

# Discretionary Limit Justification Reports - an Underwriter approved service for credit insured clients, this service helps ensure credit checking procedures exactly comply with their Policy requirements. Please ask our Client Service Manager for details.

# Regular A/C Review & Company Monitoring - available in Australia and nearly 100 countries: - - DMS offer two Australian services:

  • You register with DMS those (I) companies to be monitored through ASIC. (Up to 9 categories of data can be monitored, for 12 months). Any "Alert" is advised to you. Or,
  • You can "flag" a Subject, so that you are advised when an "updated" report is available.
  • Internationally - "Monitor" companies in more than 70 countries through DMS WWRN Correspondents - service varies from country to country, but it is now possible to "Monitor" your export Debtors in most industrialised countries.

Research Services on Individuals (pre-employment checks see below): -

Database - Australia and many other countries

#Banned / Disqualified Person Search - individuals holding prudentially significant roles within the Australian authorised deposit-taking, general insurance and superannuation industries are subject to disqualification powers under various pieces of Insurance, Accounting and Bank legislation.

DMS offers a comprehensive resource to check whether a person is disqualified, either as a specific piece of research, or part of the comprehensive 'Individual Commercial report'.

What is the 'Banned & Disqualified Persons Search'?
DMS 'Banned and Disqualified Persons searches identifies whether a person has been disqualified from involvement in the management of a corporation, or banned from practising in the financial services industry.

There are four categories:

  • persons disqualified form managing corporations
  • banned securities representatives (pre-Australian Financial Services (AFS) licenses)
  • banned futures representatives (pre-AFS licences)
  • banned or disqualified persons (AFS licences)

In addition DMS can check for 'Enforceable Undertakings' to find out whether the person has undertaken not to take part in the management of a corporation, or carry on a financial services business. This is important as such persons names won't necessarily appear in the other search results.

What is a 'Disqualified Person?
Such persons are only those who are disqualified from managing corporations under the corporations Act, where the Government authorities receive express notice of the disqualification under the terms of that Act.

There are other circumstances in which a person may be disqualified from managing corporations, for example where the person is an undischarged bankrupt or has been convicted of certain offences involving dishonesty.

This authority does not receive statutory notice of such disqualifications, and they only be obtained by requesting an additional search such as a Bankruptcy Search, or similar. For more information, please advise your needs to DMS and request assistance or a Quote.

# Bankruptcy Searches - a search of State Supreme Court and Federal Bankruptcy records to see if an individual has been, or is currently, bankrupt. Typical delivery in Australia is 1-2 days, but may be 7 days or longer in other countries.

# Individual Commercial Reports - a composite reports offering a comprehensive overview of a person's capabilities from a commercial perspective. Content varies greatly from country to country, with a surprising 100+ countries still allowing reasonable extensive research without significant 'privacy' issues impacting the quality of research. Typical delivery is 4-6 days, but may be 10-14 in others.

# Adverse (& other quick credit) Checks - available on companies' or individuals' commercial files. In Australia records show adverse information such as writs, defaults, summonses, etc. and who else has been checking the entity. Offered in 60 countries, with more or less data depending on local regulations. Typically same day service, but may be 2-3 days in some countries.

# Location & Skip tracing -

(a) Location (of Missing Person) - Click here for more information.

(b) Skiptracing - an important element of cash-flow management is debt collection. However, if a person cannot be found, you may want to take the matter further with 'skip tracing'. Missing debtors fall into two categories: those who don't want to be found, and those who have no idea that you are looking for them. And there are two types of those who do not want to be found: (i) those who want to pay but cannot, and (ii) those who can pay, but won't.

  • If you can locate the debtor, there is a 70 to 85 per cent chance of recovering the debt.
  • With only basic facts, such as full name, last known address, last known employer and residential telephone number, the likely success rate is only 30%.
  • It is 50% +/- if you have the date of birth, name of spouse/defacto, employment history, motor vehicle details, details of property owned, any insurance or insurance broker and a copy of the driver's licence.
  • As high as 65% to 75% if you have details of dependants, known associates and family members, clubs and associations and suppliers, criminal history, any known enemies and, best of all, a photograph.

# Electoral Roll Search - If it is more important to find a Subject's address and/or phone numbers, rather than obtain actual evidence the Subject is on the Electoral Roll, DMS recommend a National Databases Search. This provides more 'current' data and a higher 'hit rate' than the ERS.

# White Pages Search - Capital City/Cities search of phone/address details of companies &/or Individuals. Same day service typically, extra day overseas.

# National Directories Search - an exhaustive search, to your Brief. Can include Mobiles, Web sites, all Directories. Sounds easy, but Australia comprises 6 States and 2 Territories spread over 3500 East-West, and 3000 North-South.

Employment checks - freshly investigated: -

# Education Verification - all too often we read of senior executives in large organisations (often Government Agencies) were employed under false pretences, not having the "qualifications" claimed. Several options available in most countries. Typical delivery is 4-8 days.

# Pre-Employment Checks - from our time in Recruitment, a worrying proportion of C.V.'s contain grossly exaggerated claims as to previous "experience", previous "responsibilities", and "duties conducted". Service is available in many countries. Typical delivery is 4-8 days.

Sample Reports: -

Below is a list of Australian Sample Company Reports for you to review.

Whilst not always in this format, or exactly this content, these sample given is generally representative of what you may expect from many countries for that report. Should you require a Sample of a report not listed here please e-mail

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