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Locations and Skip Tracing

“Information is the key to tracing people”

DMS Worldwide Reporting Network assist in the quick, inexpensive location of people - not just 'Debtors', but others who need to be located for a wide variety of reasons.

(a) Part of cash-flow management is 'debt collection', but if the Principal(s) of a business cannot be found, you may want to use a 'skip tracing' service to find them. Missing debtors fall into two categories - those: -

  • Who do not want to be found; and
  • Those who have no idea someone is trying to locate them.

Of those who do not want to be found, there are (i) those who want to pay, but cannot, and (ii) those who can pay, but won't.

But if you can locate the debtor, there is a 70 to 85 per cent chance of recovering the debt.

(b) Then there is the other category of person to be located, not just because money is owed, but for other reasons, especially if the person has moved overseas.

Such reasons include: -

  • Serious illness or death in family, and urgent need to locate person who may be travelling, or living overseas - perhaps in time for funeral;
  • Deceased Estate and Inheritance issues;
  • Sibling and/or family decision to contact relatives previously estranged, or who migrated elsewhere;
  • In support of police and other types of investigation involving, fraud, absconding, overseas investments, etc.
  • Parent was forced to adopt out a child, who they now wish to locate; or
  • Required to locate past Employee, or Principal(s) of Business.

Locating a person depends greatly on information available to to work with.

Chances of locating a person: -

  • With only basic facts, such as full name, last known address, last known employer and residential telephone number, then the success rate is only around 30-50 per cent.
  • It rises to 50-60 per cent with the date of birth, name of spouse/defacto, employment history, motor vehicle details, property owned or any insurance or insurance broker details, and driver's licence deatils.
  • It hits 65 to 75 per cent with details of dependants, known associates and family members, clubs and associations and suppliers, criminal history, any known enemies and, best of all, a photograph.

To obtain an obligation-free Quote, please Click Here and provide a detailed Brief, including:

  • Full Subject Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Last known street address
  • Name & Status of close family member (e.g. wife/husband, or Parent)
  • Indicate whether research may be overt, or must be covert – covert is more difficult, and involves additional 40% cost


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