Holiday House in Pearl Beach Holiday House in Dunsborough, Western Australia

Booking Confirmation

Booking Confirmation

Booking Confirmation -
We would like to make a booking for a Weekend - in out .
Payment -

On receipt of confirmation of booking, payment will be made by:

Direct Deposit to 'R.A. Harvey' - MacQuarie Bank, 20 Bond Street, Sydney 2000; BSB 182 222; Account No. 1129 90163,


cheque mailed to Ros Harvey, PO Box 1547, Crows Nest, NSW 2065, Australia.

N.B. When payment has been made please fax advice to +61 2 9438 4033

Calculation of final payment amount: -
Total rental   $
plus 10% GST   $
plus 'cleaning deposit' $ 100.00
Total    $

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Thank you for booking. I hope you will have a wonderful vacation in beautiful south western Western Australia. Speaking as a committed Western Australian, you have chosen a great location for the perfect holiday.

Confirmation of acceptance of booking proposal will be by return e-mail, unless you advise otherwise in previous section.

If you have never been to beautiful Pearl Beach, north of Sydney, or are wondering where to take your next break outside Sydney - only 70 minutes drive from the Harbour Bridge - click here!

Ros Harvey.