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DMS Group Profile 


DMS Group commenced operations as a specialist Credit Insurance Broker in 1984. 

Michael Cybulski then formed Credit Indemnity & Financial Services Pty Ltd (CIFS), which company became the leading credit insurance broker in 1989.
It soon apparent clients needed quality ‘in depth’ credit reports on customers in our region, and Collections support, which Insurers were not then offering. DMS Group were the first to offer the total 'debt management' package of services - hence 'DMS'.

AON Risk Services acquired CIFS in 1993.

Debt Management Service Pty Ltd (DMS) was established in 1987, as the information support arm for CIFS clients and those of other brokers and credit insurers.

Initially providing in depth reports for credit risk assessment on companies throughout Australia and internationally, DMS expanded into debt collection in late 1987 when we took a stake Recovery Services Pty Ltd.

In 1989 CIFS became the leading Australian Credit Insurance Broker with Australian, New Zealand, South East Asian, European and USA clients.

In the same year overseas corporate reporting facilities were added to DMS' range of services protecting Australian and New Zealand exporters, by establishing Worldwide Reporting Network©, recognised globally now through our trade mark WWRN©.

By December 2003 DMS Group was offering the widest range of investigative credit reports available in this region - more than 200 countries.

The Trans-Tasman Debt Management program was launched in 1991, with a unique range of debt management services to clients involved in Trans-Tasman trade. This rapidly expanded into an international network of specialist debt collection companies, known internationally now as our Worldwide Collection Network©, with the trademark WWCN©.

Soon after Worldwide Reporting Network© came into existence, with the trademark WWRN©.

March 2003 saw representation in 111 countries, with over US$1m of non-Australian debts referred for collection monthly. June 2006, WWCN© was represented in 130 countries, and now handling over US$20m of collections in more than 30 countries. No matter where an Exporter has a collection problem, WWCN© can assist.

Since CIFS' sale in 1993 DMS has independently offering debt management services, with expert Credit Insurance broking support for clients as needed.

Michael Cybulski resigned from CIFS on July 1st 1999 and, since 2002, has consulted through DMS Group to many clients on credit insurance (and a range of other insurances) and credit management.

Whilst in 1994 DMS was licensed as a "Personnel Agency" placing permanent and part time credit specialists with our clients under the banner of "CrediTemps", we sold this business in 2005.

 In 1996 & 1997 DMS purchased two well-known Australian credit reporting company and absorbed their clients into the main business.

January 2001 Debt Management Service Pty Ltd changed name to DMS Group Pty Ltd.

Having focussed on company research for more than fifteen years, a major change of direction took place in January 2002, when DMS offered a range of information services on ‘Individuals’.

Initially starting with just six countries, by June 2006 DMS offered research on Individuals from 140 countries, covering more than 1000m people. Now DMS ‘Individual Commercial Reports’ from more than 100 countries are recognised as the benchmark service to Banks, Forensic Accountants & Lawyers, and others.

Our 'Education' & 'Pre Employment' verification services, and Locations & Skiptracing now supplement this service. Such research is now possible almost anywhere in the world.

In 2003/2004 DMS supplied credit reports on subjects in 80 countries to clients in more than 60 countries worldwide. By June 2006 those numbers were 130 & 85 countries respectively.

A number of customers liked the idea of the same format of report being more widely available, not just in Australia and New Zealand. Initially we expanded the service to a few Pacific Region countries, and from 2005 have made a concerted effort to widen availability still further. Now the DMS 'Analytical Report' format, containing our internationally recognised 'Summary' and 'Risk Rating Assessment' pages, is available on companies in approximately 40 countries. Our objective is to offer it from 70 countries by end 2007.

For many years WWRN© comprised only local Australian Members, for whom Michael Cybulski became the informal 'Chair and coordinator'.

Soon after return to the DMS Group in 2000, several DMS Correspondents liked what was implied in our Worldwide Reporting Network© concept, and encouraged us to develop the concept beyond an informal 'network of DMS Reporting Correspondents', into a genuine 'Network of accredited Members offering high quality, in depth, fresh research on companies'.

After first testing the concept with carefully selected overseas DMS Worldwide Reporting Network© Correspondents during 2003-2005, then discussing ideas and further refining it during a series of international trips through Asia, Europe and elsewhere, commenced formal accreditation of Worldwide Reporting Network© Members early in 2006.

Worldwide Reporting Network© Member 'Accreditation' is available in three specialties - senior researchers offering high quality, in depth, freshly investigated reports (i) on Companies, (ii) on Individuals, or (iii) in Locations & Skip Tracing.

June 2006 saw the rollout of our WWRN 'Central Names Index', offering File reports on nearly 100,000 companies in our region from the combined databases of the five local WWRN© Members. This resource enables users to quickly verify the date of the latest available ‘in depth’ report on a given subject, and to order it at the click of the button – at very low cost.

Our Philosophy (we ask all Correspondents & Network Members to subscribe) -

"Six Star Services - one better than the rest - help reduce client exposure to risk in business and people, while maximising Return on Funds Employed."

We may achieve this by: -

  • Assisting clients select quality senior executives, through a range of research resources - WWRN and CNI©. 
  • Providing a range of quality investigative credit reports and other research, on which to base credit line decisions.
  • Offering first class Debt Collection and minimisation support worldwide - WWCN©.
  • Minimise exposure to bad debts through competitively priced credit insurance.



DMS Group, through the resources of Worldwide Reporting Network©, supply clients first class corporate information and investigative reports, enabling quick and confident decisions on granting or withholding credit to subjects in more than 200 countries.


Our Worldwide Reporting Networks© enables clients to assess risk in persons, evaluate and verify claimed tertiary education, and previous employment experience.


Our Worldwide Collection Network© operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and more than 130 counties worldwide. This service is widely used by leading Australian Companies and exporters internationally for debt recovery worldwide.


DMS works closely with leading credit insurance brokers, blending our services with Trade Credit Insurance to deliver superior risk management of the debtor asset. DMS Discretionary Limit Justification, and other reports are designed to enable easy Credit Insurance Policy compliance, and are exceptionally well received by Insureds and Insurers alike.

MICHAEL CYBULSKI - Group CEO & Director DMS Group Pty Ltd Email:
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