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Debt Collection


'Final Letter' Service

DMS's Final Letter service  enables you to make 'payment demand' to overdue customers and others defaulting on their obligations

Used as a precursor to formal 'Collection' or 'Legal Action' the DMS 'Final Letter' often persuades difficult debtors to pay the full account, or at least offer a 'repayment proposal', a 'part payment in settlement', and/or may identify previously unsuspected 'Dispute'.

For an Australian Debtor click here or an overseas Debtor click here.

Final Letter Service - price may vary depending on debt age etc: -

Australian Debtors: -

Probable Success

  1 Letter & Fax/E-mail + 1 Follow up 85% +/-
Regular DMS Customer $115-$125 + GST
One - off request $150 + GST

International Debtors: -

Probable Success

  1 Letter & Fax/E-mail + 1 Follow up 80% +/-
Regular DMS Customer $250-$350 + GST
One - off request $300-$450 + GST

DMS’ Worldwide Collection Network©

Widely recognised through its’ trade mark and logo, WWCN© operates with representation in over 130 counties worldwide.

Our Collection Network offers a relatively consistent technical, professional and administrative standard of service, with a high proportion of matters satisfactorily settled since relaunch in August 2001.

Worldwide Collection Network© and its' related symbols, watermarks (such as WWRN©) and other intellectual property are owned by Chinbridge Pty Ltd, which company licences DMS Group Ltd to operate Worldwide Collection Network internationally for the benefit of Members and Clients internationally.

Members' charges are highly competitive, mostly quoting a "fee for success" basis. Gazetted legal fees may or may not apply, but should be clarified in your Quote. Such charges usually are incurred on your behalf and payable on Australian and New Zealand matters, but possibly other countries, too. Special rates may be negotiated on larger collections.

Click here to obtain a Collection Quote.

International Commercial & Legal Advice

Are you confident you have the best professional advice locally for that Foreign Investment, Distributor, Agency or Joint Venture Agreement, or other important commercial issue?

DMS' network of leading commercial Attorneys & Solicitors are represented in nearly 100 countries.

Eliminate the pain and worry - request details of an Overseas Attorney through DMS WWCN Network. Just advise (i) the country, and (ii) the issue you seek assistance with, and DMS will do the rest.

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