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Worldwide Reporting Network©

2006 saw the culmination of DMS' efforts to create an internationally recognised 'brand' of reports prepared by specialist high quality, in depth, freshly investigated reporting companies.

Once accredited by Worldwide Reporting Network©, these companies are instantly recognised by use our WWRN© symbol in all their freshly investigated reports -

The first stage was to formalise the network, by accrediting four 'Founding' Worldwide Reporting Network© Members in the Pacific, since joined by a fifth Member.

Now the invitation has been extended to selected overseas DMS Correspondents to consider joining WWCN©. The first of these became our African Region Foundation Member, with other to join from early 2007.

Worldwide Reporting Network© Members' research is distinguished by the 'WWRN©' watermark on all their reports, a watermark recognised internationally as symbolising an unequalled and consistent standard of reporting on companies and/or individuals - 'worldwide'.

WWCN Membership - if you are interested in the possibility of WWRN© Membership please click (David - then take them to (three different?) e-mail(s) addressed to - see "DMS Website Upgrade 2006 (2) e-mail seeking WWWN Membership CNI or onLine info.doc" when setting this up.

Central Names Index©

The combined resources of five Pacific Region Worldwide Reporting Network© Members enable clients to access high quality, in depth reports on nearly 100,000 companies in the region, listed on the WWRN Central Names Index.

This excellent resource enables CNI Clients to: -
• check the latest 'File' report available on an organisation of interest;
• then to order a 'File' report containing high quality data and a great 'same day service', or order an 'Updated' report.

DMS on Line

For a really user-friendly Report ordering service, why not consider DMS on Line 'access'?  Use DMS on Line to access the full suite of reports on -

  • Companies, &
  • Individuals.

CNI or DMS on Line 'Access'

If you are interested in 'access' to (i) DMS OnLine or (ii) the Central Names Index (CNI) please click here.

DMS Report Order & Quote

Even if you do not yet have 'Access', you can place an order and request a Quote. Please click here.


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